“Incitement”, decisionmaking, and bad information (Day 121)

I have a few thoughts on all the Nazi stuff going on; I’m holding myself to a very high standard, for obvious reasons.

However, I’ve seen several posts and comments discussing “Incitement” and other commentary on free speech and justifying punching Nazi’s for holding a flag, nazi saluting, or chanting.

However you decide to engage, act, or make decisions on this issue, *DON’T GET YOUR LEGAL ADVICE FROM TWITTER AND RIGHTEOUS WEB COMICS*.  I assure you that the pithy explanations playing to people’s emotional desires are almost certainly *not* an accurate description of the legal standards that will be applied if you end up in a encounter with the law.

I’m not telling anyone what to do or not to do: those are your choices to make.  I just want everyone making the best decisions possible based on their desired outcomes.

And only ending up in jail if that was a risk they were willing to take.

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