Squatty Potty and Intellectual Property (day 119)

Saw a couple adds for the Squatty Potty a while back; they made some interesting “natural” and evolutionary claims that squatting while crapping was better.  At the time I wouldn’t’ve minded “easier and better bowel movements”, so I did a bit of research.  Between their claims, my research, my outdoors experience, and knowledge of the prevalence of squat toilets in Asia, I figured it was worth a try.

However, ~$30 for a plastic stool of unknown sturdiness felt absurd, plus, its kinda big and clunky.  So I picked up a $10 folding step stool from amazon instead.  Takes up minimal space folded against the wall, useful for other applications (I’m about 3″ too short to be able to comfortably reach everywhere I’d reasonably like to reach without assistance).

I can anecdotally add to the evidence that I do poop substantially better.  Easier, faster, on average less wiping.  The “easier” part is actually a pretty relevant health thing, as well, as straining is connected to a variety of health problems.

More interestingly in my opinion, is that I’m torn on what to do RE: the squatty potty organization.  The simple answer is that I’d like to live in a society where we share great ideas that improve people’s lives without worrying about just compensation.  But thats also a cop-out.

I strongly suspect their product is similar to or worse than my step stool, along with being more expensive.  So now I’m just contemplating whether I think the world is a better place if I figure out a way to compensate them for bringing the idea to me [in a way I acted upon it].

I think it probably is.

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