Cascading failure (day 112)

Most bad things aren’t caused by a single mishap, misunderstanding, negligent action, or other sub-optimal or risky action; rather a combination of things come together.

Driving while distracted doesn’t ensure an accident, it simply means you’re awareness, perception, and reaction time are hampered. If that happens to align with another event, like an unexpected road condition, a driver unexpectedly entering your lane or merging into you, a slowdown, a deer, or simply a curve, its far more likely you won’t be able to react in time to prevent an accident, or reduce and control its severity.

Life is full of calculated risks, and fortunately, we’ve minimized the risk of a great many dangerous activities.

This gets unfortunate as we frequently don’t have immediate negative reinforcement for unacceptably risky activities…you know, like every time someone doesn’t get in an accident while texting while driving. Just have to consciously reaffirm to yourself (and others, if polite and effective) that even though there were no negative consequences this time, there might be later.

And when there are negative consequences, hold onto them and use them as emotional reminders for other behaviors.

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