Priorities (day 107)

Two objects can’t occupy the same space. You and your friend can’t both eat the same piece of cake (baby birding doesn’t count, you weirdos). You can’t go to a movie and your kid’s dance recital at the same time.

At some point people, things, and ideas get ranked, because you have to choose one over the other.

It sucks, but is reality.

Which means coming to terms with ranking things, with making tough choices and sacrifices is an important part of being a real human being. And learning to deal with other people ranking you and things you care about differently, in ways that might not align with what you want.

I prioritized a friend today over my writing streak. Not fully intentionally, things ran later than expected. Despite feeling sad about it when i realized, I’m relatively okay with it: the streak was a tool for myself, an arbitrary goal to accomplish something I care about.

But I didn’t lose anything real, or hurt anyone by being “2 hours late”, and the time was very well spent. I would do it again (although if it did matter, I would’ve found a better way to manage it, so I could do both).

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