25 hour fairness (day 108)

If I run on a 25 hour schedule, “once a day” being based on conventional, 24 hour solar days is unfair, to the tune of extorting ~14 extra “days” out of me every year.

A friend brought this up tonight, but it’s something I’ve pondered on before.

“Life isn’t fair” it’s the accurate but lazy way to address it.

I think the simplest answer is this is one of the last few things anchoring me to conventional time, and I’m a bit terrified to let go completely.

Aside from the obvious work, activities, and interacting with normal people while they’re awake issues, *everything* in life is structured, directly and indirectly, around a 24 hour day.

I frequently feel disconnected, but still participating in the real world, like a kid jumping in and out of a revolving door, getting a variety of looks when i don’t mesh perfectly with everyone.

Letting go completely of anything is hard, especially when I’m not even sure what I’m grabbing onto instead.

Can it be nothing, just float and work by my own clock, sun be damned? I dunno.

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