Make that List! (day 106)

Make that list!  Write it down!  Ya, you might remember it, but you might not.  Life enjoys throwing curveballs at you, but all you have to do is remember to check a strategically placed piece of paper, tiny slickboard, or your favorite list app, instead of everything else.  And that piece of paper doesn’t stress out about forgetting to buy pasta, or forget the 3 things you needed because you locked your keys in your car, are running late, or a family member had something bad happen to them.

The cost of writing it down is low.  The cost of hauling a scrap of paper and a pen, or just your phone around is low as well.  The emotional cost of forgetting something is medium to high, the practical cost somewhere between low and moderately high.

Plus, when you do it consistently, you’ll recover more time and emotional energy, because you’ll spend less of both trying to remember whatever you need to remember!  And you can spend those things on other stuff you care about more than the pasta you forgot to buy from the store (which is the *reason* you went to the store in the first place).

I know i’ve written this one before, but humans generally take lots of iterations to learn and remember things; I certainly do. And despite *knowing* I should write things down, I *still* frequently just brush it off.  Especially silly because I have a couple different things which negatively affect my short term memory and attention, but *still* haven’t mastered this particular skill.

So this one is especially for me, although I’m sure everyone who read the first “write it down” might not be executing as perfectly as they’d like either.  Also notable to coming to terms with “never ever repeat yourself” that has been plaguing me; being repetitive is something I want to avoid, but being *useful* is something I want to do, and that can easily involve touching on important things multiple times.

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