Kudos to the Joint Chiefs (Day 103)

I’m very happy with the Joint Chief’s quick announcement that nothing will change before guidance is received from the White House regarding Trump’s announcement of Transgender people being banned from the military.

Having the military straight up say “no” to the Commander in Chief is an *extremely scary* thought (worlds scarier than anything that has happened yet, no matter how scary or terrible it has been).

However, completely reasonably dragging one’s feet, not going one step more than is absolutely required to do Trump’s dirty work, and demanding “guidance on implementation” so exactly what Trump wants to do has to be clearly laid out is a great way to not just “follow orders”.  While I dislike Godwin’s law-ing any comparison, bureaucratic obstructionism has saved a tremendous number of lives in the history of the world.

Which leads to the next point: no matter how you stand on Transgender Military Service, decisions like this should not be made rashly, without properly assessing the impacts, costs, benefits, and effects of such a decision, and how the details and specific of implementation may affect all of those criteria.

That none of the top Military people knew this was coming is ridiculously absurd.

Which makes me fairly alert to other policy changes and other international things that may be happening.  Trump is certainly very skilled in playing an audience, so I would not be surprised if this is to distract from other things.  The simplest and most obvious is its a “hey, look over here, look out outrageous I am!” while the House and Senate rush agreement on ACHA.  But it could be something else too.  (A bit tin-foil-hatty, but not outside the realm of possibility)

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