Hogwart’s houses & Triforce Pieces (day 101)

“I know exactly what I *need* to do…I just need to actually get off my ass and *do* it.”

When playing around in the Triforce/Serenity Prayer realm, the symmetry’s between the 4 harry potter houses and the triforce pieces was fun to play with:

Power ~ Ambition (Slytherin)
Courage ~ Courage (Gryffindor)
Wisdom ~ Knowledge (Ravenclaw)
Hard Work/Loyalty ~ ??? (Hufflepuff)

My conclusion was that Hufflepuff is *playing the game*.  Grinding out heart pieces, slogging through solving the Water Temple puzzles, figuring out where next to go.  Its not glamorous, its often time consuming, and the rewards are often incrimental or facilitating everything else succeeding: that 11th heart container is extremely innocuous until you finish a dungeon with half a heart remaining.

Unguided power can be tremendously and indiscriminately destructive.  Courageously perpetuating wrong actions build the 8 lane superhighway to Dark Places.  Knowledge without context and implementation is that pile of boards and blocks sitting in your backyard, that will totally be a back porch Someday™.

In the end, once the goal is chosen, the right direction is determined, and all the knowledge collected, you gotta get that nose to the grindstone and do the work.

When it comes to video games, generally that hard work is designed to be fun, or entertaining, because video games are a product to be consumed.  When it comes to reality, that hard work is frequently *not* fun, else people would pay to go do it.


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