Gratitude (Day 100)

I’d hoped to have something excellent for day 100, but instead it was a fail to go to sleep 4 times kind of night/morning; I have enough data that it was reasonable for me to expect the de-sync due to camp, but I think I was still naively hopeful it’d be different this time.

So right now I’m grateful for carpet, its soft, slightly strange feel on my back, and how strange the corners where 2 walls meet the ceiling look when you stare at them, and how they kind of rotate and lose up/down frame of reference. Because focusing on that is far better than staring at anything else, and I’ve hit the wall where I’ll be worse than useless on any productive projects available, and all the mindless stuff is done already.

But more relevantly: thank you to everyone who’s responded to my posts, and given me feedback (positive, enjoyable, and otherwise). I’m glad you’re my friends; hopefully my writing has improved your lives a little bit, as some of you have said, and hopefully I can keep doing so.

Life is better focusing on what makes things good, at least when not actively working on solutions to things that…increase difficulty.


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