Sleep list: try things (Day 99)

Starting on the list of everything I’ve tried…there’s a *lot*, probably over a hundred unique things to try. This isn’t really news to anyone.

The notable thing is that any given method, habit, or drug has helped people sleep. many people require some combination of these things, and many things don’t work, or don’t matter.

Its good motivation for me to work on this project: having a giant, cohesive list and guide to walk through would make it so much easier to work through the things that do and don’t matter. Collecting bits and pieces from dozens of different sources is hard, especially when you’re tired.

In any case: if you’re struggling, keep trying new things when you can. Frustration is certainly a hell of a hurdle.

Just remember: most everyone stopped when they found what worked for them. “its always darkest before the dawn”. Cliche, but accurate: you get to stop working on it, as well as enjoy getting great sleep once you’ve found what works for you.

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