Sleep list/book (Day 98)

After a excellent recommendation/suggestion/reminder that I could/should write a book on sleep stuff (with exactly the right amount of sarcasm) from Brian Patrick, I started today. That occupied a significant portion of time, fulfills my goals for the writing project, but doesn’t really correlate to a nice, FB-sharable package.

So expect to get little snippets of sleep things, many of which you probably “know”, although I expect many people are not the best at following them.

#1: only use your bed for 2 things: sleep and sex. Doing other things in bed trains your brain that those things happen in bed. If doing something else in bed until you fall asleep works very well for you (watching something, usually), stick with it, but if you’re having trouble getting to bed on time or with quality of sleep, consider doing those activities outside of your bed, then moving to bed as you get very tired.

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