Incentives and accomplishing ones goals: melatonin part 3 (day 97)

So, several messages and a couple replies asking me if I have tried things after yesterday’s post, I’m obviously doing this very wrong.

If you message me an unsolicited suggestion and I haven’t tried it, I will buy you dinner. However, by sending me an unsolicited suggestion, you agree to buy me dinner if I have tried it.

I’m extremely happy you all have found things that helped you, or someone you love. I’m very appreciative you wish to share that life improvement with others.

I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve spent the last three years trying everything they have to throw at it, frequently involving torture-levels of sleep deprivation. On top of trying everything publicly available, both behaviorally, environmentally, and chemically. I understand that still is vague enough or just disregarded by lots of people. Hopefully this is because the willingness to share, help, and improve my life overshadows considerations of whether I’ve tried whatever it is, and whether being the 5th person to suggest it reminds me of the misery of that particular failure along with the general ones.

So thank you for trying to help; I do appreciate it. Please stop doing so without my request, or hard thought and research about the likelihood I’ve tried your suggestion.

Unless you want to buy me dinner. Then fire away.

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