“have you tried melatonin” redux (96)

Twice today! Once standard conversation, once in the most entertaining way possible. On the phone with a sleep researcher, interviewing me for a sleepwalking/talking study. Get the “do you have any other sleep disorders?” question, tell her spent 3+ years now working with doctors trying all the sleep meds, think it’s a serious circadian rhythm disorder, immediately get a perky, excited “Oh! Have you tried melatonin?”.

To be clear: I don’t hate people who do this. I understand they have good intentions. But they’re unaware, uninformed, poorly executed intentions, which is why it’s important to improve them wherever possible.

Hurting people with good intentions, even mildly, is still hurting people. We will all hurt people all the time: the world is too complex, there is too much to know, and too many interactions to ever be perfect.

But we can strive.

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