(Day 90)

Staring at my topic list again, too tired to be able do a good enough job on any of them.

Its the “bad” part of the cycle (sleep during day), so I need to get better at giving myself a bit more slack, and planning ahead better, but I still am fairly annoyed at the difficulty and frequency of these bleh-sleep meta-posts.

I still haven’t properly “tuned” the writing project to achieve whatever my exact goals are (partially because I’m not 100% sure of those goals). I’m not sure if its the sleep, or the other right now stuff, or the project, but I’m concerned about the lack of production. Topics aren’t an issue, but motivation in combination with day/time management is pretty rough.

Perhaps its an ideal time to work on structures to see if I can sync my “daily” work plans with the normal day cycle i’ve been deadlining myself on. Suggestions would be appreciated. “Just pick the same time every [normal] day and do it then” suggestions will be scathingly ridiculed with prejudice.

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