Will it make my life better… (Day 87)

I’ve frequently struggled with stubbornly not doing random things, mostly little things, that I know I “should” do.  The instigating event: not rolling up the cuffs of my jeans while walking around my house.  They fit fine with my boots on, but i step on the backs without the boots on, and its annoying.

This is literally a 5 second activity, there’s absolutely no reason for it to occupy my mind or bother me for more than a moment.  Spending more than 5 seconds thinking about it or being seriously bothered by it is inefficient and dumb.  But I still do it.

The framing that ‘breaks’ that stupid brain-lock for me is “Will this make my life better?”.  Instead of staring at the problem “I don’t wanna” do and locking up, it seems to let me address it in a way that I think about how much better life will be 5 seconds from now, when I’m not being annoyed by stepping on my pant cuffs.

Its worked on bigger things, too, but Its been a helpful tool for not wasting time and emotional energy being annoyed and not fixing things.

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