Heat lightning and missing opportunities (Day 82)

If you’re in Madison, WI I suggest getting outside for a bit, and watching the non-stop flashes. Its gorgeous, and the still, calm, charged air has a very unique feel to it (that I find very calming).

I have a very strong memory of climbing on my roof as a kid, when there were extremely low clouds and non-stop heat-lightning. The clouds were blood red, and the lightning had a red tinge to it as well as it danced over the clouds. I layed up there for a long time.

I remember the debate with myself, whether I should even climb up there or not. Rationalized a bit that I didn’t need to, it wasn’t a big deal, I could just go when it happened again. I wasn’t able to fall asleep, which in this case was serendipity, as I did end up going out cause it was better than lying there not sleeping.

I’ve never seen anything really close to it again prior to tonight, and that was probably 20 years ago (tonight’s isn’t as fast, clouds are higher, and the sky isn’t red).

Some things are commonplace, some things are not; its also often hard to know at the time how unique of an opportunity something is.

Its obviously your life to live, but if you’re unsure about something being commonplace or freely available, I’d highly suggest erring on the side of doing it, as opposed to not. I’m not sure I’d regret missing that storm 20 years ago, as I wouldn’t’ve even known what I missed.

But I’m darn sure I’m super happy I did make it out onto that roof; It’s a very pleasant, calm, powerful experience and memory I’ll never forget, and I wish I could share it with others.

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