Wear eye protection! (Day 79)

It’s the time of the year for people to screw around with explosives! They’re fun. They’re also good at imparting significant amounts of kinetic and thermal energy into nearby objects, including tiny disintegrating parts of themselves, which then go on to magnanimously share that energy with others!

Your eyes are simultaneously one of your most important organs, and atrociously bad at repairing themselves. Safety glasses are super cheap, light, and easy enough to find a pair you find comfortable.

Even sparklers and candles throw sparks and pieces, fall over, and get swung around recklessly by kids and adults. Same thing applies for working with most power tools.

I hope none of you have to have the terrifying experience of your father not being able to see out of one eye cause of a misplaced tree branch, or a sharp shard of sheet steel poking a bloody hole in your closed eyelid.

Your eyes are worth the minor inconvenience.

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