My sleep is like Afghanistan… (Day 83)

 I have a positive, “can do” attitude about it.  I’d like to think I’m making progress.  I’ve put an absolutely insane amount of effort and resources into it. I’ve been struggling with it for years, and in an ideal world I’d have it all figured out Soon™, and not be fighting with it anymore.
But realistically, it has been effectively unsolvable for the entirety of human existence, and in all likelihood I’ll be wrestling with it the rest of my life.  Neither of us really like the other, but we both need each other so we’re kinda stuck doing this sick dance.  And it occasionally leaves traps behind that indiscriminately blow up bits of my life and things I love.  I can even manage dodging most of the explosions, as long as I go real slow, be super careful and prepared, and don’t really try to do anything else other than not get blown up.
Wandered across this analogy joking about sleep with my friend/roommate.  Its both very entertaining and extremely disturbing how deep this analogy goes.

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