I’m pretty happy with how i emotionally handled a bad situation today. (Day 78)

Was in charge of and running a recreational event/game for 7 people, had one of my players angrily leave in the middle of the game (D&D convention table, for people that means something to)

Was angry initially, as his reasoning and accusations we’re exactly the opposite of what I was doing, and he did the “no you aren’t” to my expression of sympathy that he wasn’t having a good time and that he thought i was trying to do what he accused me of (intentionally trying to kill characters).

Quickly set aside (but didn’t squelch) my anger, tried (unsuccessfully) to talk him back, and quickly went to tending to the enjoyment of the rest of the players and minimizing the impact on them.

Turned out very well, i believe, all things considered. The rest of the players seemed to have a good time. I got good knowledge, feedback, and a bit of reinforcement for handling that situation when we finished.

And most importantly: I’m a bit sad it happened, but not harmfully sad or ashamed, while being able to fully look at circumstances i can control to reduce the chance of things like that happening in the future.

And that is *exactly* where I want to be, emotionally and motivationally: I want very badly to be better, so i can avoid or fix problems, but i don’t want to tear myself up over things, especially things i handled extremely well, given the circumstances.

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