I’m terrified of the future (Day 69)

This isn’t just your standard “how the hell am I going to pay for my rent, healthcare, AND food in July” kind of terrified. Not to undermine those feelings: certainly have those too, and the units of measurement for that kind of terror is measured in barrels of Ben and Jerry’s (1 barrel = 168 quarts, or 19 cubic milifurlongs, for those that usually work with the metric versions of Terror)

Someday we’re going to understand exactly how brains, sleep, visual artifacts, and all that jazz works, just like we understand basic chemistry. The answer to “why do I see strange translucent colors when I close my eyes when I’ve been awake Too Long™” will be as mundane and widely known as why water is mostly incompressible and expands when it freezes.

And that rabbit hole is weird…cause when you *understand* things like that, its really easy to play with them, and use that knowledge to do all sorts of things. The military, and adventurous individuals, are already experimenting with effective ways of learning faster by running low level electrical current through the brain. And the equipment they’re using is only a few small steps away from a 9volt battery and some wet sponges strapped to your head at various places.

Hopefully this doesn’t come off too tin-foil hat-ty. But I would not bet against being able to wirelessly change a person’s thoughts 100 years from now.

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