Direction Meta-Thoughts (Day 70)

I’ve been struggling with how to manage the cross posting.  This started as a facebook project to get me writing (which has been successful), but I feel awkward posting some of the less polished or more introspective and weird posts here as well.  I think my main issue is I want the “real” blog/website/whatever to be a bit more content-dense and polished.

Even as I write this, some of my anxiety about the ‘quality’ of the content I post here has lessened, which is good.  My self-expectations being too high have been a big issue, and if the weird posts actually become a problem down the line, negatively impacting the “big, high quality, content rich writing” I want to do, I’ll address that then.  But its very possible its not even a problem.

So this is a bit of a “break/recovery” day, which I think I need to do a bit more often.  I had the right idea with “doesn’t matter what I write” when I started the project, as writing every day is a pretty big burden in itself.  But I let those initial expectations slip, and they’ve added a bit too much pressure: combining every day with high expectations for content.

Instead, I think its best to positively channel the want for “better content” into motivation to write ahead, have high quality posts pre-written for when I want to take a day off.   Both motivation to write more, and a far less destructive pressure when I don’t have the time or motivation to put together content I consider “worthy” and top-notch.

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