Never been to a concert (day 64)

I didn’t really have music for most of my childhood, the way it seems most people do. My mom listened to exclusively classical in the car, if anything; I played an instrument, but music never really seemed as important or essential as I recognize it is to most. I have vague memories of the top40 radio station that you could barely hear at the swimming pool I worked at, but mainly people seemed to talk about it and care about it far more than it mattered to me.

In any case: i’ve been to a few classical concerts, and I’ve wandered summerfest, alone and with friends, but I’ve never actually *attended* a live show with the intention of, you know, seeing the band and enjoying the music.

I frequently wonder how much of a difference that made in my development. I know it meant I didn’t understand how important music was to people, all the way down to the core of music making you feel things. I speculate it might have something to do with my selective difficulties in being in touch with interior feelings or emotions (with possible reverse causation interestingness).

In any case: I’ve enjoyed living vicariously by people talking about their most poignant experiences with what music means to them, songs attached to important life events.

And I’m remedying the “never been” issue tonight. I dunno if I’m hopeful to have just gotten in late, or secretly hoping its “not all that” to me so I don’t feel as bad about missing out.

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