Be Someone that can be Talked to Day 63

If you want a world where other people listen, understand, and don’t judge you for thoughts or ideas, you need to *be* a person who listens, understands, and doesn’t judge people’s thoughts or ideas.

We’re not perfect, and we don’t have to try to be perfect, or do all of this all the time.  But the more we can expand, the more we are able to take on and handle, the faster we improve, the faster we help other’s improve, and thus the faster and better we can make the world a better place.

And this *doesn’t* mean you tolerate bad behavior.  There’s a very clear line between behavior and thought; being welcome and inviting to thoughts, even unpleasant ones isn’t inherently bad.  Acting on those thoughts or ideas can be, depending.

Which is why this is so gorram important: Stigmatizing ideas or thoughts leads to people being unwilling to bring them to light, to engage with those ideas, to get them addressed.

Bad ideas left unaddressed fester, and slowly rot and erode at other ideas, habits, and structures one might have.

So do what you can.  Don’t overextend, don’t sacrifice yourself, but push a little bit, try to be a bit more tolerant, inviting, and engaging.  People are worth fighting for.

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