Presentation of Ideas, Introspection, and Cake Blasters (Day 58)

I hope yesterday’s post didn’t come off condescending, demeaning, or otherwise excessively negative; it was not intended as such, although a small part of me was aware the callous, sharp coldness of its tone. I was in a particularly emotionally tumultuous point when I wrote it (heavy day combined with an impending 7.5hr drive).

Re-reading it, it reminds me of much younger me, all too frequently justifying unnecessarily extreme, heavy-handed, and brutal methods of presenting an idea, under purported justifications of complete truth and manipulation avoidance. Its impressive how behaviors and survival-mechanisms like that persist far beyond their usefulness; I also marvel at how tightly the contours and details of that particular one fit its mold.

The message was usually still good then (I hope!): in this case, forgetting the fallen or neglecting a loved one on the other days of the year is unhealthy. But delivery matters a lot: a birthday cake is far more likely to be enjoyed and appreciated if delivered via plate and fork, as opposed to with a 4000psi, High Velocity Cake Blaster.

So: thank you for helping celebrate me, as much as I may sometimes believe I do not deserve it.

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