Arbitrary holidays are a crutch (Day 57)

It’s vital to celebrate good things, and sad yet important to remember things. Yet humans have a wonderful and awful tendency to become complacent, accustomed to the greatness of their world, and then entitled and indignant once taking things for granted erodes or disfigures those things.
So having specific, yearly days dedicated to said things is a crutch, a hack to remind us to remember and appreciate and be cognizant things we probably should be doing anyways, but are so easy to get lost in the busy everything else.
And that’s fine: crutches are *extremely* useful tools, great at their intended purpose. Without any denigration to those who need them permanently: life’s almost always better when you can stop using them.
So remember. Be mindful. Celebrate. Use holidays when you need to, but don’t let them hold you back from better awareness and appreciation of things that matter to you most.

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