Agricultural land use, community critical mass, and distance. (Day 56)

We already see cities and towns imploding when the main industry leaves, and a continuous exodus of younger people from rural areas to cities.
However, we still need some community to provide the support, community, and infrastructure for the surrounding farms. I’m not sure how to make living far from a city attractive enough to maintain that critical mass of people, aside from eventual market pressures, but those involve the death of so many of these towns so supply limitations make farming lucrative enough to make “living in the sticks” worth it.
I’d like a better, less Darwinian solution; the Ag Bill is a passable stop-gap, at the low, low cost of delaying the market pressures long enough we might lose critical components like topsoil, institutional knowledge, and existing culture/community entirely.
The need for local community support might eventually not be the case; 10s of square miles managed by a single person or family, just supervising all the automated equipment, like old school lighthouse tenders. Get paid to be necessary and alone. But we’re still decades off from that.

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