First day on not-the-Facebooks (Day 55)

Who has two thumbs, hates the ‘who has two thumbs’ jokes, likes self-referential, meta, and self-deprecating humor, and finally got off his arse getting an actual blog?


As I suppose that this may be read by people who don’t know me on facebook:  I started this writing project a couple months ago as I like talking about, discussing, and researching everything (especially big policy things and other things that improve people’s lives).  However, I couldn’t muster the motivation to work on those projects, but could write long, well-researched replies on other people’s facebook posts.  So I decided to combine my obvious motivation for that quite inefficient pastime with my underlying desire to actually get writing!

The “write every day for a year” idea is a combination of the general principle of “just do it” with a friend of mine’s streaming project.  I’ve been happy with the results so far.  Of note: every post before this was written on Facebook, and transferred over here the same day I wrote this (June 9th)

So I’m excited! I’m glad I’ve made it this far without stumbling, and an actual decent website and writing medium should help a ton.  Fairly mundane, but by far the most exciting thing for me is the ability for inline hyperlinks.  Aside from my obvious love of high information density without distracting or losing people who don’t care, it allows for me to actually comfortably discuss topics that require lots of background and references, as well as discuss current events in a way that doesn’t become dated in a month or two (as I noticed 2 of my posts did already).

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