Don’t talk in movie theatres (Day 51)

I’m sure everyone already “knows” this, but reminders and reinforcement doesn’t hurt. I occasionally catch myself rationalizing whispering something witty to my friend…”Its not a big deal, I’ll be super quiet”.

The people around you can *always* hear you.

Had a particularly poignant reminder of this recently: a couple of ladies sitting a few seats to my left whispered and talked throughout the whole movie, as well as making extremely loud reactions and commentary. (I politely asked them to stop a few times, which only seemed to transform the talking into intentionally loud crinkling and snapping of packaging for a bit, then went right back to previous behaviors)

I won’t say it “ruined” my experience, but it certainly degraded it significantly. There’s a reason Book equates heinous crimes with talking in the theatre, both deserving of a special hell.

So ya…don’t do it. You might not get to see or feel the consequences, but you’re certainly hurting people. And almost as certainly doing massively more harm than any benefit you get.

A slight tangent: would “talking allowed” showings of movies be something people would be interested in? Feel free to express opinions below, both for “would go” and “like the idea of them existing, but unlikely to actually go”, and other thoughts (like social backlash).

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