Don’t skip steps; or “Ow, my shoulders, I’m so dumb.” (Day 50)

Actually got good sleep last night, super excited for the 1 week every 3-4 my schedule is aligned with normal people. Wake up, have a ton of energy and motivation, both of which have been really rough the past couple weeks. Get a ton of stuff done, have great plans, including writing; motivated for getting everything transferred to actual blog on Day 50 (its a number!).

Want to shower, I like to fit in sweaty workouts before showering, so I start doing that. Doing fine, but slightly anxious and excited to get to motivated writing and a hands-on project, skip part which involves me not warming up my shoulders properly; then get bad, sharp shoulder pain I’ve had issues with for a long time when overexerting and/or not warming up my shoulders properly.

Immediately pooped on my motivation: sitting or writing with the shoulder issues sucks, not to mention being in pain just makes everything harder. Was really annoyed at myself for not managing something obvious, and then allowing it to get in the way of what was otherwise going to be a very productive and exciting day.

So ya…nothing brilliant, new, or special here. Just me feeling great, that “nothing can stop me” feeling, not being deliberate about things, and “ruining everything”. In the words of our glorious leader: “Sad.”

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