Project Introspection and Purpose (Day 49)

I started this project because I wasn’t finding sufficient motivation to write and work on the things I care about. Conceptually, just doing it has value in itself; however, I think a fair amount of that value is encapsulated in necessity, and just getting experience. Thus, I suspect some amount of the practice is being wasted, in the sense that I’m expending energy on things I care about and enjoy, but they’re not actually getting me closer to my underlying goal.

This might not be a bad thing. Its been a while since I reconsidered that goal, and the general purpose and direction of how I want to expend this “productive hobby” portion of my time.

So I think I need to sit down and figure out what I want to accomplish with this now that i’ve done it for several weeks and have a better idea what it entails and how it works. Then, see if my current structure and execution are a good mode of accomplishing whatever those purposes are. Finally, figure out how to adjust to actions to fit the “one a day” structure along with goals, if needed.

Plus, 50 is a number, so getting it done after I sleep now is some arbitrary but likely effective additional motivation!

Iteration is good.

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