Language in 3 minutes a day (Day 45)

I’ve been meaning to finish learning spanish (then pick up mandarin), but the couple methods i’ve tried weren’t able to hold my desire sufficiently to keep me at it.

I’ve been very happy with Duolingo, a free phone app. I have it on the lowest daily setting, which is about 3-4 minutes daily. Its not *fast*, for sure, but its enjoyable and bite-sized enough that i’ve stuck with it for over 3 months now. According to the app pacing, I’ll be “fluent” in ~4-5 years at this pace…not fast, but better than not doing it at all.

Program is fun, seems to work well, and I’ve been fairly content with my retention, along with the general structure of the learning. Its got good reinforcement and reminder mechanisms, which has felt like all the difference between keeping me going and just putting it aside, just like that treadmill-turned-clothes hangar so many people own.

I’m not getting anything for plugging their program, in case anyone cares, and it is free. So if you’ve been contemplating de-rusting a language you learned long ago, or want to learn a new one, I’d highly suggest giving it a try.

I feel much better actually making extremely slow progress on this, but knowing I’m working on it, than my previous starts-and-stops attempts.

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