Look it up! (Day 43)

You could build a house, from scratch, without knowing anything about *anything* related to building a house, as long as you could follow instructions from videos on youtube.

There’s billions of people on the planet, and while everyone’s lives are a tiny bit different, most of us struggle with very similar problems. Occasionally, someone comes up with a brilliant solution. Sometimes they monetize that solution, but a lot of the time, they’re more than happy to give it away for free.

So if you’re ever struggling with *anything*, or you get a whimsical “it would be nice if”…type it into google. There’s a good chance somebody has a method that’s maddeningly fast and easy.

My most memorable from the last year: I *hate* scrubbing toilets, and it’s impossible to scrub out all the crud up in the rim, but I needed to get a couple clean for a job. Was ruminating about how I didn’t want to do it, and if there was a way around it, and randomly decided to see if anyone had a brilliant idea.

Turns out: stick a tiny outdoor fountain pump in the base of the bowl, fill the bowl full of bleach, stick the pump tube up into the tank, and let it run for 12-24 hours. Setup is less than 5 minutes, and got it pristine, far cleaner than I could’ve done with an hour of toilet bowl cleaner and vigorous scrubbing.

Its *amazing* how happy finding that little trick made me, and how much that feeling has stuck with me.

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