Find the Meat! (Day 38)

No matter how worthless a news article may appear, no matter how badly you just want that acquaintance to shut up, there’s *some* content there. There might not be a lot of meat, and it might be buried under 10 tons of marshmallow fluff and hot air, but there’s always something.

So find the meat, note the texture of the fluff (its frequently relevant for identifying what the writer thinks and what groups they’re members of or trying to signal they belong to), and move on. Its obviously reasonable to avoid low-content objects entirely, but that’s not always possible, and there’s always *something* to be gained.

Even when there’s no discernable content, when you’re covered head to toe in fluff with nothing to show for it, the “why is this happening?!” answer is frequently useful.

The stupid list you have to click next for every sentence: creating content is harder than getting people to click more.

The news article with the inflammatory title, 3 paragraphs about how awful *insert person/country/organization* is and no new information: we don’t need to put effort into content, our readership is more than happy with emotional stimulation.

The acquaintance talking too much about nothing: “I love this topic significantly more than I have awareness of the interest of my audience.”

Content is always there.

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