US Debt is roughly $60,000 per person and costs ~$1,300 per person per year (Day 36)

Our debt is currently floating at ~$20 trillion dollars, or about $60,000 per person. This is roughly 105% of our GDP (~$19 trillion).

Our debt service, or the money spent on paying interest on the debt, is about $420 billion dollars a year. About half of this is “intragovernmental”, which means things like the Federal Reserve and the Social Security Trust Fund are getting the interest payments (these are included in the number above)

In any case: I’m not trying to pick fights, or take sides on this issue. But I do want a level of awareness about the magnitude of our debt, and what its costing everyone, so people can better make decisions on how to handle it. We can solve a LOT of social problems with that money.

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