I don’t know; motivation issues? (Day 34)

I was excited to write this afternoon, actually get a couple posts written ahead of time so I could have a buffer for bad days (irony!). I was all set: environment clean, fed and watered, couple topics in my head, a couple in my to do list, and nearly a page of ones I’ve been collecting.

I’m not really sure what happened. I got a shelf set up, and now my bedroom is perfectly organized and spotless. The house is vacuumed. A couple minor projects had progress made. I reconnected with an old friend.

The whole time I felt *excited* to get back to writing, the opposite of when one uses a daunting task to motivate oneself to accomplish everything else on the to-do list (a great tactic, btw, if you haven’t tried it).

But its several hours later, and I’m staring at this list of topics, and going through them one by one, and I can’t make any progress on any of them. I’ve written 4 different ones as titles, and made it a couple sentences into 2 of those. It didn’t stop like hitting a brick wall, just…didn’t have anywhere to go, every way disappearing into nothingness.

I have motivation issues at times (I know we all do), but this one feels different, and I don’t really know whats up. Part of me wants to apologize for “lack of content”, but that’s stupid for a variety of reasons. All I can do right now is [hopefully] get some sleep, and try to figure out what was/is going on.

I hope everyone is having a good night.

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