First warm rain of the summer (Day 33)

I don’t actually remember when I started celebrating it, but I’ve made a minor personal holiday out of the first time there’s a warm rain. There’s not a specific day, obviously, just the first rainstorm where i can walk around shirtless for a half-hour without freezing.

I really enjoy how it feels, and I really enjoyed the mental transformation from “rain is bad, gotta get out of it” to “rain is just water, and is quite enjoyable if its not destroying anything”.

Its had a surprisingly positive effect on my positivity in general: almost everything has something positive within it, and many things people think are crummy and miserable actually contain a large amount of joy.

So the next time there’s a summer rainstorm, and you have a bit of time, consider putting your wallet and your non-waterproof phone somewhere dry, take off as much clothes as you feel like, and go enjoy the feeling of the rain hitting your skin!

Whats the worst that can happen, you get soaked? You can always go home and take a shower!

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