Independent investigation (day 32)

Special council got appointed today for investigating any Russian intervention in the US election. At least two committees were investigating, but as they’re Republican controlled and have limited power and resources, it’s doubtful their findings would’ve actually changed anyone’s opinions.

He doesn’t have complete autonomy, but we get to know if the independent council’s decisions are overruled. I’d guess that makes it extremely unlikely for any [official] meddling to happen, but who knows these days.

And he has subpoena power and access to justice department resources, both of which are huge.

So no matter where you stand, you should be relatively happy about this. It’s a big enough issue that having it honestly and effectively investigated and resolved will be better for everyone. There will still be people that believe it was fixed, that don’t believe the results, of course, but not even trying to get a good answer of what happened is a disservice.

We’re unlikely to get a perfect, undeniable answer, though; a sad reality of many investigations. But having a chance to honestly put this to rest is important, no matter the outcome.

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