Something is very, very wrong with our economy. (Day 30)

The US is insanely rich. We throw away more edible food than we require to feed every hungry person in the country. We have multiple (~7) empty housing units for every homeless person. We burn absurd amounts of coal and oil for very marginal convenience or safety gains, or just pure laziness. We churn through so much clothes that we’ve crashed local economies with our discards.

There are more people “not in the workforce” than ever before, and when you start adding in people who are underemployed and the 10s of millions of “worthless” jobs that subtract value, there is an insane amount of people and labor available.

And notably: there’s so many obvious, easy things to be done to improve our communities and world. Decaying streets; old, inefficient, easily updated housing; dirty, littered sidewalks and parks. People needing childcare, children needing more community and leadership. And so very many other projects people would do in a second if they economically could, services that add infinitely more value than people playing tax games or shuffling paper.

I have some speculation as to why, but no definitive answers or solutions.

I only know that we need to fix it, because its hurting a great many people who *want* to contribute to society [more], and society has more than enough resources to give *enough* to everyone.

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