Sessions should still resign, still need an independent investigator, Comey should have been fired. (Day 25)

There’s a pretty big uproar over Comey getting fired. The timing is questionable, but it was *always* going to be questionable. Comey broke the rules, both written and unwritten, in a way that aided Trump’s election; he was also in charge of an organization that was involved in investigating the Russia ties since before inauguration.

So now might be sightly worse than some other time: i can’t really speculate on possible better future times, and I’m not positive firing him right away would’ve been better either.

What we do know is we *still* need an independent investigator, for the exact same reasons I wrote in March.

And Sessions should still resign, for the sane reasons as before: perjury. Even more pressing as the ax on Comey further questions issues of impartiality (not that an appointed AG will ever be fully impartial, but there’s an acceptable range of bias he’s clearly outside of).

Also: keep your eyes open: Trump is a master of dictating the topic of interest. This being a distraction for something more controversial or less palatable to many seems very probable.

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