My car costs ~$275 bucks a month; budgeting (Day 24)

Knowing how much something actually costs is super important, because it lets you balance that things value to yourself against other things.

Insurance, maintenance both regular and semi-unexpected, registration, gas, replacement, parking. It all adds up. (And skimping on maintance tends to be a loan from future you with a loan-shark interest rate, sometimes including the busted kneecaps)

As I relish being the colossal nerd I happen to be, I love working these things out myself. Even if you don’t, you can get a lot of value roughing the numbers, and there’s plenty of tools out there that can help.

So ya: anything big you use, it’s probably worth it to figure out what it costs you in a way you can process and compare in your gut!

As well as the banal but important “i know how much i can spend on recreation and not get wrecked by credit card debt when i have to buy new tires”.

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