Get enough sleep, mr. dumb-dumb head. (Day 22)

I’ve made a large number of sub-optimal decisions this past week. It bothers me a lot: they seem like pretty obvious mistakes I should have came to different conclusions on. Every time I try to reconstruct why i made those decisions, it all comes back to one thing: I’m very behind on sleep.

My personal issue with sleep certainly made it far worse for far longer, but it still was an excellent reminder how important sleep is. Frustrating, but important as i frequently slip into “ya, I can totally be a real person and make this schedule work with no concequences”.

So ya… Sleep is an investment in future you, and it frequently pays huge dividends. It’s too bad I’m still a bit like most humans in that i undervalue how much skimping on investment now will cost in the future.

I’m exhausted, sleep has far reaching effects. Closing with a “phoning it in” joke as I write this via mobile

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