Healthcare personal position (day 20)

There was a lot of sentiments and responses yesterday about my post on insurance and pre-existing conditions.

I want to be very clear again: I’m not for the pre-existing conditions requirement from the ACA being removed, *unless* the gaps in healthcare it would leave are adaquately covered.

My post was very specifically taking about the nature of insurance, not political signaling.

And it’s very damn important we all not only separate the two, but have way more good discussion about the practical nature of systems.

Because the cost of our healthcare is not only way too high, but also has absolutely no pressures or motivations to go down.

And cost and efficiency *matters*. We do not currently have the resources to provide all healthcare to everyone, so we’re still very much in a limited resources environment.

And that means more efficient systems results in *more* available care, more people getting more and better health outcomes.

So please: we don’t need to devolve every conversation about anything healthcare based into “you’re murdering people if you support X”. There are plenty of other forums for that, and I’m more keenly aware of and sensitive to the actual, real consequences of big policy decisions than most.

As trump so aptly noted: “this stuff is complicated”. Discussing what works and what doesn’t, and why, and why we think it will improve our current system is useful in a world where we need to fix our system.

Making sure we take care of the most people we can the best we can on our way there is important too.

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