Pre-existing conditions are a huge problem for [private] insurance. (Day 19)

Preface: I reserve judgement on the new bill until I’ve actually read it. Based on what I’ve read about it, it’s trying to fix a lot of ‘problems’ caused by semi-socializing health care through private insurance…without replacing anything to take care of the people previously cared for. That would be good for the functionality of private insurance, but *awful* for our national health care system.

Insurance as a system relies on actuarial math to predict how much one’s average expenses will be in their lifetime, and your premiums theoretically are that number + administration expenses.

So you’re literally betting against yourself… It’s a twisted lottery ticket: you always spend the premium, and sometimes you ‘win’ a replacement car/house/hip/heart.

Being able to enter with pre-existing conditions is like being able to buy collision insurance after you crashed your car, or homeowners insurance as your house is on fire: it changes the math. It’s not insurance at that point, it’s something else.

So I’m for removing pre-existing conditions from insurance, it makes it more likely for insurance to actually work like it should (which is a functional system when not absurdly messed up).

But I’m also for simultaneously implementing a different measure to make sure we’re not just hanging millions of Americans out to dry while we slowly fix healthcare.

Trashing one system that [dysfunctionally] does something positive without picking up the slack has proven to be extremely harmful historically, and should only be done when there is no other option.

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