Rain is weird and wonderful. (Day 15)

I love thunderstorms, and they’re glorious to go walking in, and I enjoy sleeping during them as well. (Sympathy to people with pets/children who have unmanaged fears)

But thinking about them, its pretty insane. One inch of rain falling on one square mile is about 143 million pounds of water. Using 77 square miles and 1/4 inch of rain, Thats 2.75 billion pounds of water that will fall on Madison in this storm…or enough drinking water for the *entire* US population for a month and a half.

That water all evaporated (2.8 quadrillion Joules, or about half a day of all types of human energy consumption of the entire state of Wisconsin), got moved up several thousand feet and above Madison from wherever that water came from, then condensed into tiny droplets and fell on us.
And it does it over and over and over again.

Its really strange to think of how relevant entropy is in our lives, and yet how dominated and defined our world is by extremely high-energy [weather] effects.

Also, I like how it feels on my face.

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