Feedback, direction, standards (day 9…meta mondays?)

To everyone who’s commented or sent me a message about my posts: thank you! Positive feedback, even a short “I’m enjoying what you’re writing”, really does mean a lot. And the well crafted thoughts and suggestions have been great.

Especially considering I started this endeavor not realizing I wasn’t going to be home until today due to work, which has made it a bit more difficult, and narrowed the scope of what I was willing to write about.

Which leads into the next topic: I plan on writing about far more specific political/social/science/policy issues, but care enough about providing and linking quality support and evidence that I wasn’t going to attempt that on a phone with no spare time.

As I care deeply about the content being useful and interesting, I’d love to hear people’s opinions and preferences about topics and areas they enjoy, ones they enjoy less. I obviously haven’t written very much, so this is as much a future request as a now request. And for the people who’ve already brought up topics they’re interested in, you are not forgotten!

On standards: I want these posts to continue to be a functional place for freely and safely discussing difficult topics.

So explicitly: *don’t be a dick*. Everyone’s been mostly great so far, but I want to be very clear.

Attacking people will *not* be tolerated. Ideas and specific behaviors are fair game, but be specific and factual about addressing said ideas/behaviors only. (“Cutting that guy off was unnecessarily dangerous” is okay, “You drive like a jackass” is not.)

Live well.

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