Science is hard, grindy, time consuming, and often fruitless and frustrating; we need to glorify the process and struggle, not just the idea and beneficial results. (Day 7)

It makes me happy to see so many marching for science today, but I worry that it’s like so many other things in life: investment and passion wanes quickly, actual long-term effective support difficult to secure.

Science is dropping a billion dollars and several decades of planning and effort to finally directly observe something theorized to exist nearly a century ago.

It’s sitting at a set of equipment for weeks recording measurements (and hoping your equipment is set up right and you’re not wasting your time)

It’s painstakingly cleaning and documenting said data set so other people can use it.

It’s hard work, and even more difficult, it’s uncertain work. One needs to be open to, be okay with being wrong. (Otherwise you’re doing advocacy, not science)

So please: support the search for Truth about our world as much as you can! But value and embody the underlying principles: well structured questions, the grindy process, and honest acceptance of answers.

(Please correct me if I’m wrong, or provide additional useful data if the issue is more complicated! For all posts, but explicitly practicing what one preaches is particularly pertinent presently)

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