It’s absurd that marijuana is a schedule 1 drug, and it’s possible the Controlled Substances Act has done more harm to society than any other law. (Day 5)

Even if you’re against marijuana legalization, you should be for moving it from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 under the Controlled Substances Act. The only difference between the two is Schedule 1 drugs “have no medical purpose”. Functionally, you can’t write prescriptions for Schedule 1 drugs. (Note: this is all federal law, state’s rights issues are another topic)

I’m not going to link you all the data, science, and powerful anecdotes out there proving there’s medical uses for pot. I assure you it exists; If after searching you still aren’t 100% sure it medically helps people, message me. I promise you no negativity or attacks.

I’m for legalization because prohibitions seldom work well and are always costly (won’t delve heavily into libertarian stuff due to length, it will come up in the future). I’ve talked to many who aren’t, and although i usually disagree i understand their reasons.

But keeping it Schedule 1 is the most reality denying thing I know of. And it harms everyone: perscription painkillers (all Schedule 2 or lower) are now more deadly and abuse more costly than illegal drugs.

This is a straightforward “slam dunk” that can be fixed administratively or via legislation, and would massively benefit everyone, from tax revenue, reduced load on criminal justice, and increased, legal access to an effective medication.

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