I don’t believe a completely violence-free society is possible, despite wanting dearly to live in one and spending lots of time trying to figure out how to create one. (Day 2)

I enjoy replacing the word “violence” with “physics” in my mind, it provides a completely different perspective on the issue.

“Physics” will always be an available option: there’s no way to completely stop someone from physically interacting with the world, absent drugging, restraining, or killing them (all violent).

And the less prepared for violence a person or society is, the more value that can be extracted by someone using violence. So the gains we have from worrying about less and spending fewer resources on violence aren’t without cost or risk.

Example: You don’t need door locks in a “safe” neighborhood, don’t have to carry and deal with keys or getting locked out. But you’ve lowered the barrier to entry for burglars or worse.

The only way I can think of to minimize violence is to create a world where everyone cares enough about their community that every person would never choose to use violence for personal gain. The benefits of belonging, of not harming the community, have to outweigh the perceived gains from using violence.

Consequences are important too: the carrot needs the stick. But people don’t refrain from stealing or murdering because of fear of jail, for the most part, but because they don’t *want* to do those things because they’re bad or wrong.

So self-enforcement is the only real way, but there’s a lower bound, like trying to cool something to absolute zero.

(Tired, large topic, sure it will come up again)

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