I’m going to write something and post it here every day for a year. (Introduction, Day -1)

I’ve wanted to start writing more, and more effectively. Several of my friends have stated i should do this as well. Despite several attempts, I’ve not been able to muster up the sustained motivation to make good continual progress.

However, I have consistently found motivation to write lengthy facebook comments and responses. I noticed that the immediate feedback and occasional very positive reinforcement was a big part of why I continued to do so, despite being keenly aware of how inefficient, or just wasteful, it was for my time and effort.

So I’m going to start here. Feedback of all sorts is welcome, now and throughout, in comments or messages.

Topic requests or suggestions are encouraged and will be appreciated! As I’m sure you all know, I can talk forever about nearly anything; I expect to still struggle at times for topics. As well, knowing *someone* explicitly wants to hear about a given topic (via a suggestion/request) will make it easier to leap that “nobody cares” hurdle which rears its ugly head occasionally.

Finally: I’m posting this for self-accountability. No backing out now! Feel free to [kindly] give me crap if I miss a day; although note that due to my sleep issues posts are unlikely to be the same time every day.

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